kazuo ohno in conversation at 86 | film screening

Tatwerk to host a screening of a film featuring Kazuo Ohno, the legendary Japanese dancer and founder of Butoh. 

date Dec 9, 2017

date Tatwerk Performative Forschung

Twenty-four years ago, then-86-year-old Kazuo Ohno sat for an interview with the director of NHK, Toru Fukui. The co-founder of Butoh, a Japanese avant-garde dance form that first appeared in 1959, Ohno can be seen addressing the concerns that he has asked himself throughout his long career in the movie. His words encapsulate a philosophy of life and his approach to dance, and ultimately, his steadfast conviction that dance and life are but one. 

The unedited interview will be screened at Tatwerk Performative Forschung, Berlin on December 9. Tickets are available here.

For more information, visit the event's page here.