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gumbo party

Commemorating the release of Black Panther.

date Feb 17, 2018

date Harbourfront Centre

Harbourfront Centre in Toronto will play host to a family-friendly Gumbo Party, which will be held to commemorate the release of Black Panther.

Featuring music by DJs Revy B and P-Plus, the event will also showcase a series of Black Panther-influenced artworks, videos and fashion designs by various artists. One such artist is Toronto-based Adeyemi Adegbesan, who worked on the Kendrick Lamar-inspired piece below.

17 february 2018; gumbo party black panther celebration; toronto, canada; globetrotter magazine.jpg

The event is free of charge, and attendees are encouraged to wear outfits inspired by either Black Panther or Coming to America!

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