gbam! unearthing and reclaiming: a new beginning | exhibit

Six avant-garde fashion photographers explore the African identity.

date Jun 9-Sep 1, 2018

date The Wheatbaker Lagos

One of our favorite African creatives, Daniel Obasi, will join five contemporary photographers in the joint exhibition, GBAM! Unearthing and Reclaiming: A New Beginning

The exhibition will take place at the Wheatbaker Lagos, starting from June 9 to September 1. 

From the organizer:
The exhibition of 25 photographs question our continual unearthing, uncovering, discovering and re-imagining perfection by drawing on our history and identity as Africans. Gbam! presents evocative photographs by Daniel Obasi, Kadara Enyeansi, Kola Oshalusi, Lex Ash, Noma Osula and Ola Ebiti, six avant-garde fashion photographers exploring who we are, and who we aspire to become as we explore our collective GBAM!