flying lotus in 3d

New York gets psychedelic with Flying Lotus.

date Aug 30, 2019

date Brooklyn Mirage

Musician and producer Flying Lotus will bring his own brand of hip-hop to Brooklyn, New York as part of his North American tour. Held on August 30, the live performance will take place at Brooklyn Mirage.

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From the organizer:
Experimental electronic producer and Brainfeeder founder Flying Lotus brings his wonky sound to The Brooklyn Mirage on August 30th! The multi-disciplinary artist has skyrocketed into the public consciousness since he first signed with Warp Records in 2007 with his IDM-infected jazzy grooves and hip-hop beats, his recent work with Kendrick Lamar on “Never Catch Me” and “To Pimp a Butterfly” cementing his status as one of the most in-demand producers around. His organic and loose style takes exact and complex beat programming and infuses it with the human feel of improvisation. By mixing elements of psychedelic jazz, ambient electronic and classic hip-hop, Flying Lotus has pushed the boundaries of the underground sound.

At the center of Flying Lotus’ visual stage design is a pioneering technology provided by 3D Live. 3D Live’s patented technology was recently awarded a Tech Enhancement of the Year by Pollstar for its use on Flying Lotus’ last tour.

The aptly named “Ghost Tile” or 3D LED augments Flying Lotus’ live stage show with virtual worlds of pulsing color and texture that dance off the screen surrounding performers and flying over audiences heads.