archipelago fest: a mid-october musical hub

Jakarta's two-day emerging music hub/festival is coming up. 

date 14-15 Oct 2017

date Soehanna Hall, Energy Building, SCBD

Indonesia's audiovisual harbor for underdogs, Studiorama, and local music Youtube project Sounds From the Corner have mish-mashed themselves into a two-way collaboration called Archipelago Fest.

Mark your calendars: 14-15 October 2017, Soehanna Hall Energy Building, SCBD, South Jakarta.

The local music scene here is changing in a blink of an eye, and Archipelago Fest hopes to bring tribute to some of the enormous musical minds of Indonesia, gathering audiences to talk about music ecosystem in fifteen different panels. With eight Indonesian bands and five international (all new, emerging, yet quality acts), attendees will have a chance to bathe their ears in local sound.

In their words: "If you’re doing anything related to music in Indonesia, this is the place to go."

All photos c/o Archipelago Fest.

Tickets and more info available on their website.