donkomi dialogues

Dance, drama, Afrofuturism and dialogues in one.

date Jan 18, 2019

date Alliance Française d'Accra

Alliance Française d'Accra will play host to Donkomi Dialogues, an event encompassing dance, drama, Afrofuturism and a discussion on gender. The event will be held on January 18.

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From the event’s page:

Donkomi Dialogues is an Afrofuturistic dance drama that engages with how social and digital interactions create opportunities for gendered power relations to thrive. Using West African cultural symbols in community storytelling as a point of departure, space is explored beyond its context as crucible for interactions; implied in both the production of individual identities and social inequalities. Donkomi Dialogues breaks the "fourth wall" that traditionally separates the performer from the audience. Written and directed by Kwame Write Aidoo in collaboration with The Architects’ Project, Inkfluent, Dzomoko Productions, Yoo.Maj, Artmosphield, Eden City Records, Jamestown Gbeke Bii and supported by Alliance Française d’Accra.