disko afrika in la laguna

Disko Afrika is going back to the beach.

date Mar 10, 2018

date La Laguna

Disko Afrika is coming to La Laguna Bar & Restaurant, Bali on Saturday, March 10, featuring special guest DJ Nickodemus.

Bali's first regular outdoor roots music event, Disko Afrika is held every month to celebrate African music, which ranges from zouk, soukous and kuduro to high life, kwaito, afro-beat/disco/funk/house and more!

Visit the event's page.

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About Nickodemus:
Nickodemus been touring as a DJ all over the World since the mid 90's. As a producer, he has three albums & remix albums entitled 'Endangered Species' 'Sun People' & 'Moon People' as well as 10 'Turntables on the Hudson' compilations to date. His latest fourth solo album drops March 2018 on his self owned Wonderwheel Recordings. As an experienced musical traveler, he excels most when playing in versatile settings letting the space and time guide the music and the journey. Nickodemus' connection to the people combined with his background & vision is guaranteed to bring the party & dance-floor anywhere from deep, introspective, electronic moods to more organic sun - filled percussive sets.