der bau | dance performance

Isabelle Schad brings her Kafka-inspired dance to Jakarta.

date Sep 29 - 30, 2017

date Komunitas Salihara

Inspired by Kafka's unfinished story of the same name, Der Bau is a solo dance piece by Berlin-based dancer and choreographer Isabelle Schad. From September 29 to 30, Schad will visit Jakarta to perform the dance, which has captured the audience at Venice Dance Biennale 2016, at Komunitas Salihara.

The event is free of charge. Go here to register.


From the event's page:
In Kafka’s unfinished story Der Bau he describes a den that is formed out of the body itself and still belongs to it, carrying with it his forms, traces, scents, hopes and doubts. It serves as the title metaphor and the starting point for further exploration of the relationship between body and space, which Isabelle Schad and French artist and philosopher Laurent Goldring began in the 2008 series UNTURTLED.
In the solo dance piece DER BAU, Isabelle Schad uses huge lengths of material to constantly create new spatial shapes, which can be interpreted as organs, as extensions of the body. Together the last inner and first outer layer of the body become the material for a danced, living sculpture, that reacts in a surprisingly lifelike way, simultaneously as a body part, as a sheath and as a partner. The dancer and choreographer turns clever body concepts into a highly sensitive and intense live performances.

This dance performances is gonna be epic! Presented by an international artist, Isabelle Schad who has done many outstanding project works on international festivals like Tanz im August in Berlin, International Arts Festival Beijing, Impulstanzfestival in Wien, and many other. So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendar and ask your friends to come with you in this special event by Komunitas Salihara and Goethe Institut Jakarta!