black art street festival

With "Black Creativity" as this year's theme, the festival is inviting free-minded individuals to save the environment together. 

date Dec 1-3, 2017

date Tema Comm 4

In Black Art Street Festival, or BASFest, any free-minded and creative individuals are invited. The aim is to generate series of energy to promote art, entrepreneurship and the environment. The theme this year is "Black Creativity," with its focus on environmental cleanliness through recycling.  It is hoped that the creative minds can propose creative solutions to the environmental problems together through this event.

The festival features independent film screening, pop-up galleries, exhibitions, fashion shows, live musical performances, art performances and more.

Held in conjunction with Ghana’s 60th year of independence, this year's BASFest also offers unique opportunity for festival patrons to experience Ghana’s rich diverse culture.

For more information, visit BASFest 2017's official website here.