berdiam/bertandang exhibition

An exhibition to understand more about the life of refugees.

date Sep 21-27, 2018

date Galeri Nasional

Berdiam/Bertandang (“Stay/Visit” in Indonesian) is an exhibition created by Art For Refuge (a social initiative founded by Katrina Wardhana) to appreciate the talents of refugees in Indonesia.

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The exhibition will be held on September 21-27 at the Building B of the Indonesian National Gallery.

Supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Madani Foundation, UNHCR, Berdiam/Bertandang is a presentation of artworks created by several artists and students from a refugee school, the Roshan Learning Center.

Art For Refuge’s founder Katrina Wardhana is collaborating with Alia Swastika to personally curate the exhibition as well as photographer Chris Bunjamin to teach painting and photography to the Roshan students.

The main artistic idea behind this exhibition is displacement: a discontinuity of narrative and space. Over 70 works of paintings and photographs by local and Afghan artists who have been “staying” for a long time in Indonesia as well as artworks by Katrina Wardhana and Chris Bunjamin will be displayed in the gallery.