asia africa film festival 2019 - bali edition

Globetrotter Lab continues to celebrate diversity in film with the Bali edition of AAFF.

date May 4-5, 2019

date Paradiso Ubud

Globetrotter Lab, in collaboration with Disko Afrika, presents the Bali edition of Asia Africa Film Festival (AAFF).

4-5 may 2019; asia africa film festival by globetrotter lab and disko afrika; bali, indonesia; globetrotter magazine.jpg

A sister event the inaugural festival in Jakarta, which took place on April 24-28, the Bali edition of AAFF continues to celebrate diversity and storytelling in film. AAFF Bali will be held for two days, from May 4 to 5 at Paradiso Ubud.
Full Program:

For more information on AAFF, please visit the event’s official page.