3 conceptual artists at museum macan

3 artists, 3 countries, 3 presentations.

date Nov 17, 2018 - Mar 10, 2019

date Museum Macan

In conjunction with its first anniversary, Museum Macan in Jakarta will unveil three solo presentations from Southeast Asia and the wider  artists.

From November 17 to March 10 next year, the museum will simultaneously host three shows: The Past Has Not Passed exhibit by Arahmaiani (Indonesia); Seven Stories by Lee Mingwei (Taiwan/USA); and the reading of One Million Years by On Kawara (Japan) that marks the artist's first presentation in Indonesia.

Lingga-Yoni  by Arahmaiani

Lingga-Yoni by Arahmaiani

In The Past Has Not Passed, Arahmaiani will present a survey of her works from the last 30 years. Arahmaiani's practice often combines art and social activism with a focus on issues such as cultural diversity, consumerism and womanhood that have become pivotal to her art-making. This exhibit will create further opportunity for the public to appreciate the artists' works.

Guernica in Sand  

Guernica in Sand 

Taiwanese-American Lee Mingwei's Seven Stories will feature seven different projects. His works often rely on the audience's active participation. Guernica in Sand, which is based on Picasso's Guernica (1937), will be one of the highlights of the exhibition, where the audience are invited to walk on the sand as the artist completes the artwork. After the last audience member has walked on the sand, Lee and three performers will sweep the sand, and the project will be left in this condition until the end of exhibition.

One Million Years [Future]

One Million Years [Future]

In One Million Years installation by On Kawara, male and female volunteers will alternately read out dates from the artist's multi-volume collection, comprising One Million Years [Past] (noting each year over an entire millennium from 998031 BC) and One Million Years [Future] (noting each year over an entire millennium through 1001997 AD). 

Further details will be released on Museum Macan's website.