fex world w/ dee'jay dmoney

The Fex crew welcome Afrofusions' Dee'Jay DMoney to their quarterly mashup.

date Sat | March 25, 2017

date Sub T, 2011 W North Ave, Chicago

Moving forward with sounds that know no bounds, FEX is bringing it back home to Chicago with very special guest Dee'Jay DMoney of Afro Fusion fame. DMoney has taken Chicago and much of the nation by storm with his sounds, dedication and good vibes.

For more check out the website: http://dis-entertainment.com/

"For those unfamiliar with FEX, we are moving towards our 8th year of bringing progressive global tunes to Chicago's nightlife with a sense of purpose and love for all humanity. Heavy sounds and big, big tunes from all 4 corners of this big blue marble. This month expect heavy Afrobeats, Dancehall, Latin, Brazilian, Indian, Arabic and conscious club vibrations..."

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