2017 pride park

Pride Park to mark the start of Amsterdam Pride celebration.

date Jul 29, 2017

date Vondelpark

A part of a series of events that make up Amsterdam Pride, Pride Park will be held this Saturday, on July 29. 

Located at Vondelpark, Pride Park consists of several activities, including rainbow market, sport clinics and performances by Shary-An, Lois, Lane, Sjors van der Panne and Anita Meyer.

Pride Park will be preceded with Pride Walk, which marks the opening of this year's Amsterdam Pride.


Vondelpark, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1 - 11PM; Free admission


From the website:

Pride Park

On Saturday 29 July the Vondelpark in Amsterdam wil be filled again with a rainbow of LGBTI activities. There is a rainbow market where you can buy the latest pride gadgets and get information from a large variety of organizations and associations.

Sporty people can join one of the many sport clinics, such self-defense, rugby or volleyball. On the program for the women we have a soccer tournament and they can drink tea with Aunt Gre on the prelie.

The youth has their own area where they can meet, dance and play all kinds of games. The ‘Openlucht Theater’ is the heart of the festival and will offer performances of artists like Shary-An, Lois, Lane, Sjors van der Panne and of course Anita Meyer!

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The Pride Walk

Prior to the Pride Park we will start with the Pride Walk, the opening of this year’s Amsterdam Pride. The starting point is the ‘Homomonument’ at the Westerkerk and we will meet up there. From the Homomonument we wil march to the Pride Park (Vondelpark) via the City Centre of Amsterdam. With the slogan ‘Marching with Pride’ everyone is welcome to join. Guided by music, flags, banners and much more, everyone will get the space to express their message.

With the Pride Walk we are supporting all the LGBTI’s all over the world who can’t join us. Especially for those who are living in one of the 76 countries where being LGBTI is still a criminal offense.

At noon we leave the Homomonument and hope that the first people will arrive at the Pride Park around 1 p.m. At the Pride Park the Amsterdam Pride 2017 will officially be opened.

Organizations that wish to walk with the Pride Walk with a group of anything else, have to sign up. You can sign up with Hans Verhoeven via hansverhoeven@amsterdamgaypride.org.