15th sound system block party

The Silver Room Block Party celebrates its 15th year.

date Jul 21, 2018

date Hyde Park

The Silver Room Block Party reaches another milestone as it celebrates its 15th year this Saturday, July 21. As befits the occasion, this year's party will be even bigger than ever, with 3 outdoor stages and 7 satellite locations.

The event will feature all-day performances, film screening, basketball game and an afterparty headlined by DJs Ron Trent & Joe Claussell.


For the full schedule of events and all festivities, visit the official website.


From the organizer:
This outdoor celebration of music, community, art, love and culture rocked Hyde Park last summer with a crowd of over 30,000 in 2017 and we're ready to do it again.  The Silver Room Block Party attracts a crowd from all parts of the city and country.  We close the streets, open our hearts and fill ourselves with music, art and love.  Join us in our 15th year of dancing, singing, and celebrating our rich culture.