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We’re on the hunt for smart, savvy creatives with curiosity and energy
to join our full service creative agency in Jakarta.
Read on for more about us and the positions we're looking to fill.

We‘re a full-service media agency with a flagship 9" by 12" quarterly lifestyle print journal highlighting media, style, music, movements, design, arts and culture worldwide. We profile some of the most interesting artists and movements out there, across disciplines, with a particular focus on Africa and Asia and their diasporas. Our editorial comes to life digitally and through well documented and unconventional events in cities across the world.

We’re seeking editorial, business, design and events staff and interns - people looking for direct experience in media development and production. We interact with people in high level creative fields all over the world. Join our team to get your name and work out to a larger audience across continents to make connections here in Jakarta and well beyond. Read on and see if you think you might make a good fit for our growing team.

If one of these positions looks like the right fit for you, send a note and a resume/CV to with a resume, writing or digital samples and note detailing  why we caught your eye, what you’re interested in,and what you think you can contribute to the team.


current open positions

managing editor | full time

We’re looking for a sharp, committed, organized, experienced Managing Editor to oversee day-to-day operations at Globetrotter, working directly under the editorial and creative leadership team. You should be able to suggest ideas for stories and see them through to publication, both digitally and in print. This position combines the innovativeness and skill of a writer with the practical focus and organizational capacity of an operations manager. Our managing editor should be reliable, full of energy and willing to get down and dirty with the day to day mechanics of running a media shop. 


  • Work directly with leadership to oversee, organize and manage the website, print magazine, social media channels, and related publications.
  • Oversee day to day work and flow in the office in Kemang, South Jakarta.
  • Manage our team of editorial assistants, writers, freelancers and interns in Jakarta and across the world.
  • Suggest ideas, assign articles, handle editorial issues, keep staff on schedule with submissions, deadlines and content publication.
  • Train and develop editorial staff and interns

Skills & Experience:

  • Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English and Bahasa Indonesia, with a proven interest in arts & culture
  • Exceptional ability in copywriting and editing
  • Proven experience as managing editor or relevant role
  • Experience managing small teams of writers, designers and interns
  • Experience in digital and print media creation and social media
  • Proven ability to research efficiently, collect data, consolidate information and write and edit well
  • Comfortable communicating with ongoing and potential editorial subjects in person and on the phone
  • Ability to manage content flow and publication across channels and staff members
  • Working knowledge online platforms like Squarespace and with SEO concepts
  • Abilities in planning and coordinating people and operations
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills
  • Reliability and efficiency
  • BSc/BA in journalism or relevant field

business developer | full or part time

Globetrotter’s Business Developer will work side by side with Founder and Creative Director Kennedy Ashinze. The developer will focus on creating relationships with advertisers and content and event partners to create sustainable income streams. This person will also be tasked with promoting the Globetrotter brand amongst potential clients and partners. Our business developer will assist in developing and implementing a comprehensive internal and external marketing, sales and partnerships plan that would increase revenues and profits.  


  • Implements the recommendations of the strategic marketing plan
  • Performs market research and analysis.
  • Furnishes marketing advice, counsel and general staff support
  • Monitors external and internal environment for development of new marketing opportunities and partnerships
  • Develops marketing campaigns for new products and services
  • Helps to manages specific corporate and creative partnerships
  • Helps to develop brochures or other print or electronic marketing materials to attract partnerships and revenue
  • Assists in planning of any event that highlights partnerships or marketing initiatives

Skills & Experience:

  • The ideal candidate will possess business acumen, strategic thinking, problem solving/analysis skills, financial management capacity, and a customer and client focus
  • Strong communication skills and commitment to reaching out to new potential partners and clients
  • 1-2 years experience in a related position or field
  • A proven record of creating relationships with clients, advertisers and content partners with results.

editorial assistants | full or part time

Editorial Assistants will work under the editorial leadership to bring the website, magazine, social media, and related publications to life. This can be a part time or full time position with room for growth.  


  • A range of administrative and editorial tasks for digital and print publications.
  • Liaising with other in-house teams, writers, photographers, printers, designers, and production staff to make sure
  • Communicate with freelance writers, photographers, stylists, and illustrators to bring all production elements together
  • Rewrite or modify copy to conform to Globetrotter style and editorial policy
  • Keep databases, spreadsheets and other records up to date
  • Proofreading and editing online text, including social media, before final edits
  • Dealing with rights and permissions and the securing of images and videos where necessary
  • Set up and sometimes conduct interviews
  • Carrying out general office duties 

Skills & Experience:

  • Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English and Bahasa Indonesia, with an interest in arts & culture across Asia.

  • Well versed in digital media creation and social media

  • The ability to research efficiently, collect data, consolidate information and write clearly

  • Comfortable communicating with other staff, editorial subjects and more in person and on the phone 

  • 1-2 minimum years experience working in media/editorial  

  • excellent reading and writing ability
  • a high level of accuracy and attention to detail
  • the ability to prioritize and meet deadlines and strong time management skills

video editors | part time

Globetrotter produces regular, high quality video for web and television. We are looking for skilled video editors to help us shoot, edit and produce video for all channels.

Skills & Experience:

  • Familiarity and experience with FCP and all applicable programs
  • Proven experience editing sound, video and graphics
  • Ability to work remotely if necessary, and on tight deadlines
  • Skills with graphics, transitions, color correction, sound editing and correction and more


Globetrotter is known for its events. This year, we’re working on film and music festivals, a creative summit and more. You’ll work directly with our Founder and Creative Director, Kennedy Ashinze, to produce and staff a number of events over the course of the year.

Events interns should be: 

  • Outgoing, energetic, highly personable, organized and efficient

  • Comfortable communicating with all kinds of people, in person and on the phone

  • Focused and committed to on the spot problem solving and follow through

  • Comfortable doing hands-on event-planning work, sometimes at night

  • Have proficiency in spoken and written Indonesian and English


We’re looking for design interns to work closely with our Senior Designer, Windi Amar, to create images and graphics for web and print. 

Design interns should: 

  • Have proven experience and comfort with Adobe Creative Suite and other applicable programs

  • Be imaginative and creative with a sharp sense for design and a willingness to learn and work on administrative design tasks

  • Have proficiency in spoken and written Indonesian and English


interested? get in touch:

If one of these positions looks like the right fit for you, send a note and a resume/CV to with a resume, writing or digital samples and note detailing why we caught your eye, what you’re interested in, and what you think you can contribute to the team.