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Globetrotter Magazine is our flagship publication: a 9" by 12" quarterly lifestyle print journal pushing the conversation around media, style, music, movements, design and arts and culture worldwide. The magazine is distributed worldwide.

The magazine goes beyond print to engage readers digitally. Our multimedia-rich website features pieces from the magazine alongside timely, digital-only content.

We bring our editorial to life through our well documented and unconventional events in cities across the world, drawing a diverse crowd of tastemakers and subculture creatives. By advertising and aligning your event(s) with Globetrotter, you'll enjoy maximized branding across social media, website and live experience. Our team selects artists, DJs and hosts relevant to your brand's goals and objectives. Your message will be heard loud and clear by an early-adopting, creative audience ready to embrace and echo your product or message.

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G.TV, our in-house production company, creates original content, narratives, music, visuals and documentaries. We serve as a cultural resource for our readers. Inquire about advertising opportunities on G.TV, or get in touch to see how we can produce visual content for your brand.

g. bespoke

g. management
We work directly with artists, brands, designers and more to connect them to the smartest and most interesting opportunities across continents.

g. design
Our design team is ready to tackle your biggest (and smallest and most medium) projects - anything from business cards to annual reports to large scale installations.


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